Bluvan Shuttle: Adding Comfort To Your Travel Zone…..


Paris France’s capital and most populous city of France situated on river Seine, is among world’s top tourist places. In year 2014, it is recorded as world top tourist destination with 22.4 million visitors. And in year 2015 Grand Paris becomes the eye catcher for the visitors inside Paris. It has a bunch of tourist places like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, Pyramid of the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Grand Paris, Disneyland and all.

Tourism lovers want to see these wonderful places and this is the reason why they plan their holidays here. And if you are planning to check in this place too, I would like to tell you most important fact which we usually face during our visit to new city or other countries i.e. transport services. This is because either we don’t plan it or to take any cab after reaching to our destination which results to more expenditure. It may build a barrier between our enjoyment and our journey.

There are many Airport transport services running in Paris providing you luxury and comfort. However, they charge according to distance of ride and comfort of the cab installed within.

There are many agencies claiming to provide good services and their websites contain all detail like fares, pickup points, information regarding different tourist places etc. but what I had experienced is that Bluvan shuttle service is catering best among all. It’s not because I am saying but it is due to the action of Bluvan Shuttle Service.

Bluvan Agency:

The famous saying “Old is Gold” truly fits here. Bluvan agency came to existence in 1991, the first Parisian shuttle service. The interesting fact is that you can book whole shuttle as private cab or if it’s not fit in your budget, you can very well approach as single. You can book from its website i.e. or you can call +33(0) 609713638, +33(0) 130111300 from 7 am to 11 pm (French timing). The agency is operating 7 days a week from different airports in Paris to nearby cities and, thus commuting Paris’s different places is not a cumbersome deal.


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